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JeffwebMusic was all around as I was growing up.  My father lead a big band in the thirty’s and mom was his singer.  They had put down their baton and microphone by the time I came along, but great music from “the swing era” was always playing in our house.  My sister Jerri, despite never having had a lesson, helped me pick out songs at the piano, and when my grandfather – a well trained pianist – had had enough of hearing me “noodle around”, signed me up for lessons as a 10th birthday present.  Several years later my brother handed me a copy of Dave Brubeck’s “Take Five” with the knowing comment …”you need to check this out.”  Jazz had a firm hold of me from that moment on.

I have been fortunate to play with a number of wonderful musicians, but the trio with Lou Pappas & Tom Devino has always been a particularly joyful collaboration.  During our regular appearances at “Spris” in Hartford we have had the opportunity to build upon a rapport that was evident from the first downbeat.  And when the situation calls for turning up the heat a bit with a larger group, Ken Gioffre is our favorite igniter.  

We recorded the trio tracks in April of 2007 and followed that up with the quartet’s selections in October. But the opener, “The Island Loop”, dates back to a session we did in 1999 and remains as one of our favorite live set closers.  

Thanks for listening!
Jeff McGill – July, 2008 

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